Oracle JDBC Thin Connections

General Information
Note: The following advice is given not to teach scripting in PERL but rather to establish, in writing, some best practices for developers and DBAs using PERL to work with an Oracle database.
Array size Optimize the array size with real-world tests using your database and your application. Do not accept the default value which is 10 unless you are looking for an opportunity to tune it later and claim immediate success.

At the statement level set with java.sql.Statement.setFetchSize()
  • Be sure that you set the fetch size on resultset instead of the callable statement in the program
  • Use the latest JDBC drivers
  • Set the SDU parameter on both on client and database server
Connect Timeout set through SQL*Net property CONNECT_TIMEOUT See SQL*Net Link Below
Read Timeout set through READ_TIMEOUT. Do not use as a query-timeout See SQL*Net Link Below
Query Timeout User statement.cancel or Statement.setQueryTimeout
SDU passed through the connect string jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION ... (SDU=<value>)...)
jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION ...(SDU=32767)...)

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