LAD Tour - Cusco, Peru - October, 2010
Machu Picchu
GUOB Brazil
ASOUC Columbia
ECUOUG Ecuador
Galapagos Islands
ORAUG CRC Costa Rica
Homeward Bound
The trip to Machu Picchu begins with the ceremonial removal of your international travel approved scissors and the breaking-off of the oh-so-deadly nail file from your clippers. You then celebrate the loss of these deadly devices by being given a steel fork and knife which may well be able to hack apart a piece of meat, or the irritating person sitting next to you on the plane, but is wholly inadequate for cutting one small mustache hair or filing a finger nail.
Thank you George W. Bush for teaching appearance before substance to peoples all over the world who previously had been forced to live in a world of realities.
Flying out of Houston ... where pollution is in the air and the body politic.   Yes that is a steel knife and fork
After a night at the Lima DoubleTree El Prado we're off to Cusco   Good thing the lines were short and the employees efficient
Stanley sat in the emergency row and was required to read the card   Cusco in 15 minutes
Welcome to Cuzco   We arrive in downtown Cusco
Sonesta Hotel   And look out the window from our hotel to the building next door
Construction Peru Style   Evolution: Royal Palace > Catholic Church > Convent > Tourist Attraction
Toured the Inca Royal Palace   Toured the original Inca Royal Palace
and Stanley had to sit and rest due to the altitude   Stanley spends his time greeting the locals
and continued our tour of Cusco   and continued our tour of Cusco
and continued our tour of Cusco   I brought the rain ... the Inca gods the rainbow
our continuing tour of Cusco
Inca Stonework   ACE Director Hans Forbrich (Canada)
Natural rock formation   The view from ChiCha
A book by Tom Kyte: $60
A trip to Peru for an Oracle conference: $1328
Finding a pile of coca leaves next to a MasterCard ad:  Priceless
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Chi Cha
Calle Plaza Regocijo 261
2do nivel, Cusco
(084) 240520 / (084) 240717
For reservations: Click Here

If, in your life, you've only time left for one meal ... you might want to have it here.