LAD Tour - Santiago, Chile - October 25, 2010
Machu Picchu
UYOUG Uruguay
GUOB Brazil
ASOUC Columbia
ECUOUG Ecuador
Galapagos Islands
ORAUG CRC Costa Rica
Homeward Bound
The conference was great, as was the food, but the thing I will remember most about being in Santiago Chile on the 13th and 14th of October, 2010 is this.
At 2:00am the only thing that mattered was Manuel Gonzalez's final bow ... "Mission Accomplished" indeed.
Luis Urzua and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera   Mario "Super Mario" Sepulveda
Manual Gonzales bows to the camera and the world applauds   A triumph of substance over appearance
Flight South from Lima, Peru to Santiago, Chile
Did I forget to tell you about the increased airport security?
A steel knife is essential for eating a sandwich: ROFLOL
  I return to the land of the Atacama and so do the clouds.
Flying into Chilean airspace near La Serena
The Chilean Andes between La Serena and Santiago
Arriving Santiago ... now I know why they gave us the knife   To cut our way through the smog
These pictures were taken early in the morning before the start of CLOUG OTN Day 2010 at Duoc UC
The room at DuoUC   Hans waiting for the conference to begin
Hans presents ... Stanley watches   Ronald Bradford
Francisco   ACE Directors @ CLOUG
DuocUC's Academic IT Manager   Cebiche @ Alfresco Gastronomia
Desert @ Bravissimo   Leaving for Montevideo
ACE Hotel Recommendations

  ACE Restaurant Recommendations

Ritz Carlton

Cebiche Tierra De Fuego -
Boulevard Parque Arauco
Av. Kennedy 5413, Las Condes, Santiago
Cebiche Alfresco Gastronomia -
Av. Las Condes 7542 and Loreto 509 - Recoleta
Caprese Salad
Cebiche w/ corn and sweet potatos
Desert Bravissimo -

I didn't eat one of these ... but I did want you to see what some ACE Directors do ... after a full dinner: OMG!