DOAG (Germany) - BGOUG (Bulgaria) - UKOUG Tour - November, 2010
he DOAG conference is of the same magnitude and scope as UKOUG. It was an incredible honor and pleasure to attend and participate.
Frankfurt Airport   Frankfurt Airport Train Station
Countryside between Frankfurt and Nurnberg: Note the windmills   And the solar
Nurnberg Hilton   A sad past
The present   An unspoken, yet poignant, statement about the future
Gesundheitsreform? Must be a very bitter pill   Squirrel
Conference Center   Registration
Conference Center Ground Floor   Conference Center Second, Third, and Fourth Floors
Morgan & Stanley check out the facilities   Keynote address in the main hall
Ronald Bradford preparing for his presentation   St. Peterersberg ... 15 minutes to set up and prepare
EBR - Move from your existing version   To the new version with zero downtime
Nurnberg Castle   Jurgen Goertz's Der Hase
Nurnberg Cathedral    
ACE Hotel Recommendations

  ACE Restaurant Recommendations

Frankfurt Airport Sheraton
Hilton Nuremberg Hotel:
They have no idea how to spell the name of the city but they do know how to run a decent hotel. Walking distance (~3.5km) from the conference center.
Zum Spiess Gesellen
Rathausplatz 4
90403 Nurnberg
+49 911-23-55-5525
Sometimes you just can't wait for the camera   Not us but it will give a bit of the flavour ... and the food is equally enjoyable