DOAG (Germany) - BGOUG (Bulgaria) - UKOUG Tour - November, 2010
The flight from Frankfurt to Sophia was as difficult as putting on shoes. Even with heightened security in Germany getting into the airport and onto the plane was less of a hassle than taking any flight in the US. Somehow the German people have managed to maintain their citizen's civil rights without it seems the body cavity searches now officially sanctioned in the country where Benjamin Franklin Jefferson wrote:
"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

Which is precisely what we now have. But then these days, I've no doubt, Franklin would be labeled un-American.

English: The Lingua Franca ;-)   Unidentified Flying Object: ROFLOL
Before heading to the airport to pick up Heli and Mateus;  Melina and I had a traditional (as in not contemporary) lunch at Pod Lipite
if you go to Bulgaria definitely make this wonderful little restaurant part of your visit. You will be instantly transported to 1926 Sofia.
Waiting for Heli and Mateus to arrive from Helsinki via Budapest
Sofia Airport   Heli arrives
Melina's Company: TechnoLogica   Lake side of Pravets resort
Resort hotel viewed from the lake   Stanley joins in the fun with Mateus' bear
Welcome dinner for speakers, Stanley, and the BGOUG Board   Melina Gerova: President BGOUG
Morgan Presenting on 11gR2   Morgan Presenting on 11gR2
Joze Senegacik   Kusai Mensah's seminar on Optimizing Oracle Net Services
Oracle ACE Julian Dontcheff from Nokia Finland on EBR   Julian's seminar on EBR
Stanley and Melina   Stanley and Kusai
Heli's Seminar   Morgan, Stanley, Heli, and Matias
Ronald Bradford on MySQL Idiosyncrasies   Ronald speaking to a full room
BGOUG Speakers   Morning in Pravets
Pravets Sunrise   Pravets Sunset
Stanley Has Some Fun and Morgan Heading Home   Come on already ... the answer is 110 ... what's the next question?
ACE Hotel Recommendations

  ACE Restaurant Recommendations

RIU Pravets Resort Hotel
Pravets Bulgaria
The Taste of Tradition
Sofia, Lozenetz
1, Elin Pelin Str.
tel: 866-50-53
GSM 0886-801-227
Art Garden
tel: 887-771-551