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A Guide To Meeting Challenges in Oracle Database 11gR2 and Beyond Modified
1 Guarantee case insensitive uniqueness Click Here 28-Oct-2009
2 Read a list of operating system files into a PL/SQL array (without using C or Java) Click Here 28-Oct-2009
3 Identify the columns and data types in a weakly typed ref cursor Click Here 12-Feb-2012
4 Write a CLOB to a file Click Here 24-Sep-2019
5 Track the parts of my application that are in use Click Here 02-Nov-2009
6 Create a data type that will only hold the values 0 and 1 Click Here 21-Nov-2009
7 Create a single check constraint across multiple columns guaranteeing only one is used Click Here 16-Nov-2009
8 Trap, in a table trigger, the name of the column being updated Click Here 19-Nov-2009
9 Only report the rows from a query if the number of rows exceeds a limiting value Click Here 20-Nov-2009
10 Work effectively with the deprecated LONG data type Click Here 11-Jan-2010
11 Write block corruption alerts to my alert log Click Here 02-Feb-2010
12 Control services and scheduled jobs at startup Click Here 29-Jun-2010
13 Add a NOT NULL column to an existing table Click Here 05-Jul-2010
14 Perform string aggregation Click Here 04-Aug-2010
15 Find the mode of a set of values from a table Click Here 16-May-2011
16 Optimize collection of optimizer statistics Click Here 01-Nov-2011
17 Utility Library Click Here 01-Nov-2011
18 Secure credit cards in my application Click Here 01-Sep-2011
19 Export a comma or vertical bar delimited file Click Here 02-Sep-2011
20 Metrics Library Click Here 01-Nov-2011
21 Run multiple functions and/or procedures in parallel Click Here 31-Dec-2011
22 Determine the headroom between my current SCN and the maximum allowed SCN Click Here 10-Jan-2012
23 Extend Fine Grained Auditing to Only Audit Specific Database Users Click Here 12-Jan-2012
24 Create and use a schema password no-one knows? Click Here 24-Feb-2012
25 Load a table with relative days, weeks, and months Click Here 05-Mar-2012
26 Perform Secure Password Assignment Compliant with SOX and HIPAA Click Here 21-May-2012
27 "Real" Transparent Data Encryption Click Here 14-Mar-2013
28 Find Segments Wholly Located Above DataFile Corruption Click Here 27-May-2013
31 Cache Rows In Memory Click Here 27-May-2014
32 Automated GoldenGate Parameter File Generator Click Here 26-Dec-2014
This Library feature was initiated with the release of 11gR2
and is now being extended with the retesting of each of these HCIs
and the writing of new ones in 12cR1.

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