Oracle Wrapped Oraphaned Package Headers
Version 21c

General Information
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Purpose The following packages are wrapped headers without package bodies. These objects are generally used by Oracle to define constants, variables, exceptions, and data types and subtypes. As it is our policy to unwrap Oracle's source code no further work will be performed on these objects unless Oracle documents them.

DM_XFORM does have a package body but does not contain any objects so likely has a initialization section.
Schema Name Source Comments
DBMS_FILE_GROUP_DECL /rdbms/admin/prvthfgr.plb Streams
DM_XFORM /rdbms/admin/prvtdmsu.plb Data Mining
GENDATABASEINTERFACE /olap/admin/olapiecm.plb -
GENDATATYPEIDCONSTANTS /olap/admin/olapidsm.plb -
GENMDMCLASSCONSTANTS /olap/admin/olapimdm.plb -
GENMDMOBJECTIDCONSTANTS /olap/admin/olapimdm.plb -
GENMDMPROPERTYIDCONSTANTS /olap/admin/olapimdm.plb -
MGWI_CONST /mgw/admin/mgwiadm.plb Messaging Gateway
PBUTL /rdbms/admin/prvtpb.plb DBMS_DEBUG and PROBE
LBAC_ERRORS /rdbms/admin/prvtolsdd.plb Label Security
ORDDOCEXCEPTIONS /ord/im/admin/orddpksp.plb First available in 12.1
ORDIMAGECONSTANTS none found with grep -ir -
ORDIMAGESIEXCEPTIONS /ord/im/admin/ordispbs.plb First available in 12.1

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