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The Library is currently in the process of being upgraded from Oracle Database Version to Demos are being upgraded to reflect the new Container paradigm as well as EBR (Edition Based Redefinition) and may contain references to CDBs, PDBs, and other objects you may not be familiar with such as CDB_OBJECTS_AE: Welcome to 12c.

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CrossEdition Triggers CrossEdition triggers are used to populate columns in the new version of the application from columns in the previously existing version of the table. The reverse is also true.
DBMS_CROSSEDITION_TRIGGER This built-in package, new as of Database, provides an API for enabling and disabling crossedition triggers.
Editions An edition is a new type of database object that makes possible the magic that is editioning.
Editioning Views Editioning views are a special type of view used to present to each edition those table columns that are appropriate for users of that edition's application code.
Editioning Demo 1 This demo covers edition creation, edition commenting, editionable objects, and making editioned objects visible to application users.
Editioning Demo 2 This demo builds on demo 1 and demonstrates the use of editioning views.
Editioning Demo 3 This demo builds on demo 2 and demonstrates the use of crossedition triggers and the FOLLOWS and PRECEDES clauses.
Editioning Demo 4 This demo shows two methods of updating a table due to column modifications specific to editioning.
Editioning Demo 5 This demo shows how to use invisible indexes to make new, post-upgrade, indexes invisible to the pre-upgrade application
Editioning Demo 6 This demo shows how to automate the process renaming tables, creating editioning views, and recreating DML triggers.
Editioning Demo 7 This demo shows how to patch a PL/SQL object while it is in use.
EBR Wish List Description
ALTER editionability As of a PL/SQL object can be declare editionable or noneditionable.
Function Based Indexes Should respect user defined functions based on the edition in which they were created.
Indexes Index visibility, to the CBO, should be controllable by edition (parent, child, all) during CREATE and ALTER operations.
Operators Should respect user defined functions based on the edition in which they were created.

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