Riga to Amsterdam to Seattle via Iceland and Greenland
There are few places on the planet that serve as an oasis against the universe's chaos as sublimely as Bubbles. A little piece of heaven outside the "C" gates at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

Fulfilling a promise I made years ago ... I have led Helen to the gates of:
  • Arcadia
  • Avalon
  • Civitas Dei
  • Cockaigne
  • Eden
  • Eldorado
  • Elysium
  • Empyrean
  • Erewhon
  • Firdaws
  • Laputa
  • Heaven
  • Mount Meru
  • Nirvana
  • Paradise
  • Quivira
  • Shangri-la
  • the Promised Land
  • Tian and
  • Utopia

    ... all in one.
Here she is returning to our asylum with two glasses of Taittinger's poured by Dionysos himself.

In minutes the bubbles will do their magic ... and soon ... very soon thereafter ... Iris brought platters of Salmonidae Salmo salar.

... our gentle opiates delivered us from evil.

... the planets continued in their orbits.

... the Higg's was not found ... but I don't care. Let string theory remains an
    unfathomable mystery for future generations to ponder at their leisure.
This is the sixth time in two months I have looked down at a good friend, Amsterdam, while flying in or out of Schiphol. Each time I have been going to, or returning from, an Oracle conference. Thank you Mr. Townsend.
North from Schiphol to the North Sea  

Note: My apology for the Romanization of the names of the following places in Iceland: Many here in the US use browsers and operating systems that will not properly show the correctly spelled names. I have done my best possible to correctly identifying these locations but if I have made any errors please email me the correction and I will gladly make the changes. Thank you.
Western Edge of Langjokull and Eiriksjokull Eiriksjokull's 5km wide caldera
near Grundarfjordur Snaefellsjoekull National Park
Glacial Retreat Glaciers flowing for the South Davis Strait between Greenland and Canada
Greenland glaciers flowing into the Southern Davis Strait
Rather than returning to the US directly Kai Yu went on to Moskva and sent us this wonderful picture
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