OUG Harmony (Helsinki, Finland) - May 2011
EMEA Harmony
The following pictures are here without comment for the duration of the conference.
A   Brazilian/Chilean Meets Spring in Finland
A   A
Rush Hour Wednesday in Helsinki   Statue Made From Car Parts
A   A
A   The Cold War: Version 2.0
A   A
Harmony Conference Dinner   Ursula, Heli, and Debra
Chris Date   A
Francisco Alvarez and Ronald Bradford Leaving for Saari   Dinner at Saari with Miracle Denmark, Miracle Finland, and Oracle
Steak and wine and wine and wine and wine at Saari   Vodka at Saari
Baffin Island, Canada   Frozen River in Nunavut, Canada
Frozen Ridge: Baffin Island   Beach Front Property: Ukkusiksalik National Park: Northwest Territories
Alberta Rockies   A
A   A
ACE Hotel Recommendations

  ACE Restaurant Recommendations

Klaus K
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Hilton Hotel
Helsinki Finland
Bulevardi 34,
00120 Helsinki, Finland
+35 8(0)9 7425 5544

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Finland. Why? Because it is the only place I know where your choices for dinner can consist of Bambi, Rudolph, and Winnie the Pooh. And for desert ... order the cranberries. Nothing more need to said.
00150 Helsinki, Finland
+358 )0)9 7425 5566

Tastes of the Finnish archipelago on a small island in the harbor.