Return from Antwerpen Belgium to Amsterdam then North America
Thursday afternoon, following many miles of walking in Antwerpen it is time to board the 13:54 and head north back into the Netherlands for an overnight at the Schiphol Hilton.
Friday's Agenda  
If you don't like flowers ... this would be a really good time to close your eyes and your browser
This is not a picture of a windmill. It is a picture of purple flowers and four electrical power generation windmills in the background.
If this warning is necessary ... what does it say about the guests? Less than 2000 Euros and you too can sip "decent" cognac ... for the rest of your life!
Leaving Schiphol and looking down at the flowers Leaving Schiphol ... more flowers
the Netherland's coast after after leaving Schiphol. I think I found a hole in the dike
Labrador coast leaving the sea ice from Greenland aft