Benelux Connect 2012 (April 2012)
the Netherlands
Maastricht to Leige to Luxembourg
Antwerpen Belgium
Holland and Home
There has to be a first time for everything ... this year is my first year at Benelux Connect. I am hoping to finally see more of The Netherlands than Schiphol Airport and maybe, with any luck, be able to take a quick look at Belgium and Luxembourg in preparation for a return trip where I can spend some serious time. But do you think I will be able to find my way to C gate and Bubbles? You bet!
Date / Airline - Flight Depart Arrive Duration
Saturday 21 April      
Delta 0232 SEA 13:40 AMS 08:30 09:50
  Eurail $430
Sunday 22 April      
Hilton DoubleTree Amsterdam  
  Long Pura Indonesian restaurant
Monday 23 April      
  Maastricht via Keukenhof, Stationsweg, Lisse
Novotel Maastricht  
Tuesday 24 April      
Novotel Maastricht  
Wednesday 25 April via Luxembourg    
Hilton Antwerp  
Thursday 26 April      
Amsterdam Airport Hilton  
Friday 27 April      
Delta 0233 AMS 10:35 SEA 11:50 10:15
 95.7 mi. Maastricht to Luxembourg
 77.6 mi. Maastricht to Brussels
142.8 mi. Brussels to Luxembourg